About us

PARKO S.r.l. Unipersonale

Parko S.r.l., located in “Piazza della Vittoria” in Brescia, is responsible for the sale of luminaires. Thanks to a very lean organization, Parko S.r.l. is the best partner for what concerns the direct sales of luminaires from producer to final customer, without intermediaries

It is a dynamic and competitive company, whose strengths are commercial speed and low costs.

Parko S.r.l. collaborates with selected producers offering high quality standards and which work for the Big and Super Big of this sector.

In order to supply a very competitive service, the company has chosen one unique supplier for each type of product, always assuring customer the best possible supply.

Parko S.r.l. boasts a wide range of customers, which are one of the largest distributors and sellers of luminaires in Europe, both as wholesalers of electrical fittings and as large retailers.

Parko S.r.l. offers sales with delivery to your warehouse:

  • full containers with one range of product
  • groupage to each sale point
  • container with different range of products
  • delivery time: max 100 solar days from the order

Deliveries are by sea using 3 types of container: Standard 20 feet, Standard 40 feet and 40 High Cube.

All Parko products are covered by Civil Liability insurance policy.