CFL Short

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Flicker free, instant start and operation
Low Mercury ≤2mg
New Amalgam technology
Quick star technology-fast run up time
Lead free tube-better lumen maintenance over life of bulb
Life 10,000h
Energy Class A
Certification CE, EMC, LDV, ROHS, ERP

Power Colour Temperature Luminous Flux
CFL-E14-12W/4K 12W 4000K 600lm Add to cart
CFL-E14-15W/4K 15W 4000K 750lm Add to cart
CFL-E14-8W/4K 8W 4000K 330lm Add to cart
CFL-E27-15W/4K 15W 4000K 750lm Add to cart
CFL-E27-20W/4K 20W 4000K 1200lm Add to cart
CFL-E27-23W/4K 23W 4000K 1370lm Add to cart
CFL-E27-45W/4K 45W 4000K 2850lm Add to cart
CFL-E27-65W/4K 65W 4000K 4000lm Add to cart