Picture for category LED COB

Instant start.
High efficiency and long life.
Reduced energy and maintenance costs.
No infrared (IR) or ultraviolet (UV) emissions.
Very low heat emission.

Energy Class A+.
Certification CE, ROHS.

Power Colour Temperature Luminous Flux Dimensions
COB-GU10-4,5W/60°-4K 4.5W 4000K 350lm Ø50x58 Add to cart
COB-GU10-6W/60°-4K 6W 4000K 480lm Ø50x58 Add to cart
COB-GU5,3-6W/60°-4K 6W 4000K 480lm Ø50x58 Add to cart
COB-MR16-3,5W/100°-4K 3.5W 4000K 250lm D50*H50mm Add to cart
COB-MR16-4,5W/100°-4K 4.5W 4000K 350lm D50*H50mm Add to cart
COB-MR16-5,5W/100°-4K 5.5W 4000K 450lm D50*H50mm Add to cart