LED Cabinet

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Seamless design.
Double insulated PC housing.
Opla polycarbonate diffuser.
High efficiency SMD LED chip.
Seamless light output.
Bult-in LED driver.
1.8m flex & plug included.
Mounting bracket and connectors (Straight & 10 cm flexible) included.
Linkable up to 12 pcs.
Standard compliance: EN 60598-2-4:1997 , EN 60598-1:2008+A11:2009 , EN 61347-2-13:2006, EN 61347-1:2008+A1:2013 , EN 62493:2010, the low Voltage directive 2006/95/EC.
Certifications: CE , GS Intertek , RoHS.
Customizable packaging.


Power Colour Temperature Luminous Flux Dimensions
REG-LED-13W/4K 13W 4000K 1050lm 849x28x36 Add to cart
REG-LED-18W/4K 18W 4000K 1550lm 1149x28x36 Add to cart
REG-LED-22W/4K 22W 4000K 1800lm 1449x28x36 Add to cart
REG-LED-4W/4K 4W 4000K 300lm 288x28x36 Add to cart
REG-LED-7W/4K 7W 4000K 550lm 516x28x36 Add to cart
REG-LED-9W/4K 9W 4000K 720lm 549x28x36 Add to cart