Plastic IP20

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Recessed light fitting, 5 sizes available.
White colour.
Plastic coated aluminium profile for good heat dissipation.
Thermo-conductive plastic housing.
Class II protection against electric shock form direct and indirect contact.
Opal diffuser.
High efficiency SMD LED chip.
V-0 flame rating.
Working temperature: -20°C to 40°C.
Driver built-in, dimmable version on request.
Warranty time >30,000 hours.
Certifications: CE , RoHS.
Light beam angle 90°.
Customizable packaging.

Power Colour Temperature Luminous Flux Dimensions
INC-PLA-WHITE-IP20-CL2-D113-10... 10W 4000K 850lm Φ113x58.6 Add to cart
INC-PLA-WHITE-IP20-CL2-D113-8W... 8W 4000K 700lm Φ113x58.6 Add to cart
INC-PLA-WHITE-IP20-CL2-D145-12... 12W 4000K 1100lm Φ145x65,8 Add to cart
INC-PLA-WHITE-IP20-CL2-D145-14... 14W 4000K 1250lm Φ145x65,8 Add to cart
INC-PLA-WHITE-IP20-CL2-D174-14... 14W 4000K 1250lm Φ174x68,5 Add to cart
INC-PLA-WHITE-IP20-CL2-D174-17... 17W 4000K 1500lm Φ174x68,5 Add to cart
INC-PLA-WHITE-IP20-CL2-D244-20... 20W 4000K 1800lm Φ244x84,5 Add to cart
INC-PLA-WHITE-IP20-CL2-D244-25... 25W 4000K 2250lm Φ244x84,5 Add to cart