Streetlight HPS-HM

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Dust proof and water proof streetlight.
Body and bracket: painted aluminium.
Glass: tempered transparent flat glas.
Reflector: pure aluminium.
Tubolar clear lamp, metal halide type (included).
Installation : post top and side entry Ø 60mm.
Safety class: I.
Standard compliance:  EN 60598-1:2008+A11:2009 , EN 60598-2-1:1989 , LVD directive 2006/95/EC.

Certifications: CE , RoHS .

Power Connection Current Lamp Dimensions
STREET-L-IP65-E40-250W+LAMP-HP... 250W E40 3A HPS 755x300x215 Add to cart
STREET-L-IP65-E40-250W+LAMP-MH 250W E40 2.15A MH 755x300x215 Add to cart
STREET-M-IP65-E27-150W+LAMP-MH 150W E27 1.8A MH 640x270x160 Add to cart
STREET-M-IP65-E27-70W+LAMP-HPS 70W E27 1A HPS 640x270x160 Add to cart
STREET-M-IP65-E27-70W+LAMP-MH 70W E27 1A MH 640x270x160 Add to cart
STREET-M-IP65-E40-100W+LAMP-HP... 100W E40 1.2A HPS 565x220x145 Add to cart
STREET-M-IP65-E40-150W+LAMP-HP... 150W E40 1.8A HPS 565x220x145 Add to cart
STREET-S-IP65-E27-70W+LAMP-HPS 70W E27 1A HPS 565x220x145 Add to cart